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Founded in 1987, Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization located in the Austin Community on the West side of Chicago, IL, and the Oak Park community. Our goal is to work with other organizations to put in place effective prevention policies and programs…working to build a foundation of safety and stability in a world where violence has become way too common in everyday life. VISION Provide a foundation that assists each individual in becoming whole, healthy, and complete. MOTTO “WE CARE” TEAM MEMBERS: Reverend Dorothy Williams-Gaston, CEO Reverend Denise Stinson, Director of Special Projects Reverend Ineze Blanch, Director of Programs Dorothy Page, Director of Youth Programs Lula Gordon, Consultant/Director of Women Support Athena Qualls, Director of Events Joyce Jones, Director of Human Resources BOARD MEMBERS: Woodrow A. Williams, Vice President Sharon Young, Director Pamela Wilkins, Director Reverend Jan Mitchell, Director Roy Gaston, Director